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Reflective Piece

Feature Package- The Young Of Today Has Gone Too Far In Abusing Drugs (Alcohol, Smoking act)

It was a nice and god assignment to do, I didn’t face tough times from the beginning until the very last minute of it.

Starting from taking visual or rather shots, it was very nice and I had to approach a group of youth people who have committed themselves in drugs as my package is about the abuse of drug in youth of today.

It was looking hard at first to convince them about what I wanted to do but at the end they were convinced and agree to cooperate with me.  Their agreement came with conditions that I won’t show their faces on camera when I edit the video.

Because I had to have a picture in the assignment I had to break our agreement and include one of them.

Last time I had a problem with camera not recording the voice of the interviewee, and this time around that was the first thing I looked at when I got on location and it really helped me because what happened last time didn’t repeat itself.

This assignment was very challenging because I had to spend at least 5 hour of the day with these guys doing their thing, smoking all kinds of drugs.

I wanted to go out at night to take some visual in one club at Amanzimtoti when it been known as the club that is full of youth drinking all kinds of alcohol and sometimes they get raped when on their way home, but I cou,ld manage then I asked some two guys to act for me of which I think the massage I was trying to portray by my package was well clear.

When it come to the support document of this assignment I didn’t have much problem as I always mention, doing polls and crowdsourcing has been something that I enjoy the most, and I’m thankful because it has portray a nice picture about me amongst my Facebook friend and they always take me serious now it not like when I first started posting as they were commenting saying thing that were out of context.

When editing this video it was great and I enjoyed it very much.  It is true that this is our last assignment of New Media 3, but it can’t be true that this was my last time doing crowdsourcing and polling mostly especially blogging.

With the knowledge that I obtained while compiling all these assignment from the second year until now, I believe I have learned a lot and I am very grateful.

 Sphamandla Blose

Sphamandla Blose




Art has has remain one of the most important forms of raising awareness in many things, while artists are expressing their talents by being creative.

From drawing, crafting, building, stage play’s and painting these forms of arts have played an important role as a voice of the voiceless in our country.

 Art is not about making serious situations funny, it about being creative, using that serious situation to find something funny withen it so to make people think in a wider context about that particular situation.

Let see the work of an artist call John, his from Mozambique.



INCUE: My name is…

OUTCUE: …be a manager.





“My name is John, I’m from Mozambique and we came here in South Africa in 2006.

I started drawing when I was small, I was inspired by animations and all, so I thought I should draw animations and that where I developed the love of drawing and all.

And I thought I should do something competitive and all, and I thought I should draw something with life.

Owning an art gallery started when I was a student there when they enrolled me at the Durban Art Gallery at City Hall 2nd floor that where I started the love of drawing because I learnt so many technique and how we go about drawing things which are more broader and all, not stacked in drawing with pencil.

You need to have a right mind to pursue such drawings as this, as you can see it not just drawing that you can find anywhere, it neat with certain technique and it need a talent to draw like this as you can see.”





“In five years time I see myself as an exhibition manager and more like an art gallery manager so many kids like I was when I started drawing would come and exhibit their work, so they get inspired and they get to my level when I could be a manager.”


Sphamandla Blose


The Feature Package

As any other assignment for New Media this was an interesting work to do, it been long not using video cameras and I was keen to use one of the cameras especially the new ones, and I was really looking forward to do my work with much effort.

Well at first it was very hard finding someone with something more interesting to tell about his/her life, I really struggled to get a person but luckily I did find John who was willing to co-operate and he easily understood what I wanted to do.

He didn’t mind me taking pictures of him and his beautiful art work, and he was willing to speak during the interview and I thought to myself well I was just cruising in doing this assignment.

The problem came when I got home, I tried to listen to the video recordings, there was no sound at all, that was it all the 5 minutes interview with John was just him standing appear talking but with no sound of what he was saying.

I managed to remember everything he was saying because I had prepared questions before I went to him, I then tried to write down everything he said, so that I would try to do a voice over, then I got someone to do it for me.

When compiling the support documents of this assignment it was not difficult at all, it like a routine now to do the entire crowd sourcing, polls and all of the other work.

Editing the video was not hard since I had everything that I needed with me, beside the voice narration or rather the voice in place for John’s voice I had to try and record it after I was done with editing.

I have learnt the hard way with this new video camera’s so for next time such thing will be something to look at before I even leave the interviewee.  I would have went back to John but it was not easy as I had to travel when going to him and due to transport fee I couldn’t manage.

Sphamandla Blose



By: Sphamandla Blose

This was a great assignment when comparing to the last assignment that we did, writing based on the speech was easy because some of the fact I already knew them. 

As any assignment of this kind, we always face challenges and I face few challenges at first when I was choosing the speech because I didn’t know which one to go with on YOUTUBE.

During the selection of my story idea I could find any obstacles as I find it so easy and straight forward regardless of many things that President touched on the speech.  Choose the angle of my story was not difficult at all, because I chose the issue that is relevant and news worth.

Doing interviews was not hard as well, because I am use to it now it been two and half year learning on and the same thing so all that I have learnt I just applied it while during my interviewing, and I didn’t have to interview many people since I was guarded by the number of word that my story was supposed to be.

Getting interviewees was not hard since everyone was willing to share their views especially those from opposition parties. 

Editing my story was not and will never been too easy so I always give some to do it for me so that I will know where I went wrote.

The mistakes that I got form my story when I got back from editing was full of silly mistakes, so next I will make sure I look careful for such mistakes.

It was very interesting to hear people giving thanks to the ruling after despite the recent release of the controversial Nkandla report from Public Protector Minister Thuli Madonsela.

As the picture was not needed in this assignment, I was not bothered when people that I was interviewing didn’t the camera after what they said about the ANC and it government.


President Jacob Gedlehlekisa Zuma

Sphamandla bLOSE

By: Sphamandla Blose

June Steenkamp, mother of Reeva Steenkamp was all along waiting for setting eye contact with a gun obsessed, cheater, and prosthetic legged Oscar Pistorius after he pumped four bullets through the closed bathroom door living her daughter’s lifeless body lying on a shed of blood.

For the first time in her second attendance of the proceedings her wish has come to life, a quick nod full of regret from the cold blooded killer.

More than 8 days ago Reeva’s mother has came with an outcry that all she wanted is for Oscar to look her in the eye for the first time after what he did in February last year.

During the first stressful, draining, and emotional day of the trial Oscar practically avoided eye contact with his used to be soon “mother in-law” as he was nail biting looking down on his well designed shoes.

The eye-to-eye contact came as Mrs Steenkamp was sitting on the front raw where public sit, alongside with her friend Jenny Strydom who has been supporting her through everything that she has been going through.

As the court was quiet with icon to cool those who didn’t bear to look at the killer especially from Steenkamp’s family, but Reeva’s mother was keen for an eye clash as Oscar was heading toward the dock having to pass through the well positioned mother of decease.

Looking THERE… there, there! this time he didn’t have place to hide in avoiding Reeva’s mother as he had to look on where he was going and on that way, Mrs Steenkamp’s eye were on him, and he gave her a quick nod before entering the dock.

Looking at her after that moment you could have tell that all gun sound, three bullet in the head, one on the hip and on the arm has come to her mind and it was unbearable.  Oscar’s sister, Aimee Pistorius noticed and rushed to her and they spoke for more than a minutes holding hands as they shared painful moment.

When the police photographer Bennie van Staden was testifying as a second witness, the pictures of blood spatter on the couch, more blood on the staircase wall, and blood smudges on the silver stairway rail Mrs Steenkamp couldn’t watch then she left

Even though before she watched the most emotional screening during the trial, the prosecutor warned her.  Mrs Steenkamp never came back after leaving the courtroom with her friend Strydom accompanied by the spokeswoman of the ANC Woman’s League Jacqui Mofokeng.

Watchdog of our continent, sometimes called parasites while they keep the country well alert of what is happening around them were scavenging outside the court waiting for something meaty to grab.

Photographers from all different countries snip and snapping shots as Steenkamp was crossing the road to her car.  With no way to go, photographer from outside the country in heartless random photo shot which lead to the local media to intervene and pleaded for mercy on her shouted “just give her a break”.

Mrs Steenkamp was expected to attend the proceedings of the trial for the whole sensitive week, with each and every day tears has to be wiped on her face while listening to what coursed this tragedy death of her beloved daughter.

Sphamandla Blose